Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Madision Ave Cameras has been known for many years for its impeccable service.  Whether you’re a novice just getting into photographic your family or a professional shooting major events Park Ave has the staff that can assist you.

For a beginner, buying a digital camera can be a confusing and agitating process. With Madision Ave Cameras we help cut that confusion buy giving you options and alternatives that meet your budget and are conducive to photographic/video needs. We will guide you and show you options from the point and shoot smaller cameras all the way to the professional DSLR choices.

For professionals, Madision Ave Cameras offers a wide variety of products that can fulfill any requirement by your client. If you don’t see a particular item you need, our staff will look deeper into our inventory or even make a special order. We can help you make tough decisions on your gear investments, lens choices, camera purchase and lighting options.

Madision Ave Cameras welcomes calls to our Sales/Product information line at: (866) 315-3566

Madision Ave Cameras offers many coupons, promo codes and rebates that can be applied to save money on already reduced costs. Park Ave buying department spends countless hours searching for the best wholesale pricing in the world. These efforts are reflected in our reduced pricing site wide. By buying in large volume on the global market, we are able to slash priced significantly from most major retailers. In many cases Madision Ave Cameras offers free promotional items just for shopping in our store or website.

In fact, Madision Ave Cameras offers a price guarantee on same make/models from all major retailers. When you make a purchase with Madision Ave Cameras you can always have the reassurance and confidence that you are getting great value along with excellent service.

Madision Ave Cameras is home to one of the most updated and easy navigate websites in the industry. Featuring product reviews, detailed specifications, related items and full descriptions of exactly what will be included with your purchase.

We have taken the extra time to create a sight that simplifies the user experiences without cutting out important site features. That combined with our knowledgeable staff makes finding what you need hassle free.

A lot of retailers have hidden shipping costs that increase the overall price. There’s no need for additional calculations when choosing our free ground shipping option because we have free ground shipping on almost all products here at Madision Ave Cameras.  Our shipping department takes extra precaution to make sure items are protected from damage and adverse weather conditions. We also offer expedited shipping services if you need your gear faster.

Madision Ave Cameras has gone to extra lengths to protect your personal information. We have an in house verification department, firewall and SSL certifications from various protective service providers to ensure top level security of transaction information. Please see our privacy policy for a full disclosure on how your personal or non personal information is handled.